WLDG1103 - Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) II Vertical & Overhead Weldments

SCWTTC Welding Course WLDG 1103

Provides intermediate Gas Metal Arc Welding techniques on steel.

32 hours


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Jesse Guzman


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Course description: This class provides intermediate Gas Metal Arc Welding techniques on steel. Includes safety procedures, common weld joint design, expansion, contraction, and residual stress in the welding of metal, in the vertical and overhead welding positions with GMAW process.

Course objectives: Students will be challenged to demonstrate proper set-up procedures in the use of gas metal arc welding equipment, and apply welding skills necessary to weld with the GMAW process in the vertical and overhead welding positions.

Lecture: Students will continue to learn differences between industry standard welding, inspection practices and how they best apply to given welding applications.

Lab: The student will learn to operate GMAW equipment using industry standard safety practices. Demonstrate the ability to produce quality welds in the vertical and overhead positions using the GMAW process.

Prerequisite: Successfully completed WLDG1102

Course start date: Continuous Enrollment

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