Aerospace Welder

Aerospace Welder 1

Aerospace Welder program instructs students in Welding, fabricate sheet metal components in the aerospace related industries: GTAW, AWS D17.1, and ASME section IX.


920 hours
Program V


1500 Mariner Dr. Unit F, Oxnard, CA 93033   View map



Aerospace Welder (Program V)

Program description:
This program is designed to instruct students in Welding, fabricate sheet metal components in the aerospace related industries layout, welding safety, and welding with Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process, (GTAW) sheet materials and tubing to meet AWS D17.1 and ASME section IX welding code, and related technical drawings and prints.


Program Mission and Objectives:

This program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to join or cut metal various alloys. Formal and self-paced instruction includes: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and plasma arc cutting thin wall tubing and sheet metal Related technical instruction also includes Tight tolerance fit-up, layout, quality assurance and control, print reading, safety, and workplace skills.

51-4121, Welders.

Graduation Requirements:
To complete this program a student must complete all prescribed courses and earn a grade of “pass”.

Final Tests or Exams:
Yes. Students are evaluated through written and performance assessments.



Admissions Representative:
Blanca Ramirez
(805) 486-8700

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Class Schedule

Day Schedule

Monday9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Thursday9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Friday9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Saturday9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Night Schedule

Monday6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Tuesday6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Wednesday6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Thursday6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

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Cost of Program:

Contact our office for current prices.

Is this Program approved for Pell Grant:

Certification to be earn at completion of this program of study.

  • American Welding Society AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding for Aerospace GTAW Chromoly
  • American Welding Society AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding for Aerospace GTAW Stainless Steel
  • American Welding Society AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding for Aerospace GTAW Aluminum
  • American Welding Society AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding for Aerospace GTAW Titanium
  • American Welding Society AWS D17.1 Fusion Welding for Aerospace GTAW Inconel
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Sec IX Pressure Vessel GTAW 2” Stainless
    Steel Tube
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Sec IX Pressure Vessel GTAW 2”
    Chromoly Steel Tube

*Certification Fees are extra and are not included in our program fees.

Required Prerequisites

Minimum Age:
18 Years

Physical Cond:
Physically fit ability to lift 50 Lbs.

Required Reading Level:
10th grade

Required Math Level:
10th grade

Entrance Exam:

A Mandatory Educational Plan Meeting

Dress Code:
Work boots, jeans, light weight long sleeve shirt preferred.

Attendance policy of school and program:
28 hrs. a week to complete 12 month program.

Externship or Internship provided:

Does the school offer job placement?:

What are the average wages at placement for this training within the past year?:
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Number of Graduates that have graduated from this training program?:
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How many of these graduates have been placed in occupations related to this training?:
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Do you have a list of companies that have hired recent graduates?:

List of companies that have hired graduates:
See Instructor list available upon request.

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List of students that graduated from this program:
See Instructor list available upon request.

Enrollment Process

1) Education Plan Meeting

The educational plan meeting (EPM) is a meeting designed to help the student explore the job opportunities, in the area. This meeting is a 30 to 40 minute meeting held with the lead Instructor. The student will receive a shop tour where he will have the opportunity to witness the activities both in the shop and in the classroom. Together student and instructor will explore the job opportunities based in the individual personal preferences. Some of the topics discussed are,

  • Individual desired courses
  • Individual desired goals
  • Local, and regional labor market for welders
  • Different types of welding processes
  • Basic skills needed to enter the desired industry
  • Classes needed to complete to enter the desired industry
  • Class Schedule
  • Welding class cost

2) Orientation

The orientation meeting is scheduled to continue the enrollment process. In this meeting the student will receive a list of material needed, books, and supplies. A security deposit in the amount of $275.00 will have to be paid in order to schedule the start date. After submitting payment, the student and the Admissions Representative will sign the student contract which will state the conditions of the student-school responsibilities.

3) Enrollment

Sign and date the agreement/enrollment form. The school will need to photo copy a government issued identification card to verify that the applicant is over the age of 18. Obtain a copy of high school diploma, GED or academic transcripts if enrolling in a program listed. A copy of the high school diploma, GED or academic transcripts must be obtained for SCWTTC records.

4) Safety Review First day of Class

Students are required to review and pass safety instructions in their entirety as part of the program safety training. Additional safety instructions will be presented by each instructor as to safe operation of welding gas manifolds, welding equipment, and various hand tools & power equipment. Upon completion of the safety training segment, each student is required to pass a comprehensive written safety examination and sign a written statement attesting to receipt of safety training and successful completion the safety test required by this program. A completed safety test must be received prior to working in the Welding Lab -NO EXCEPTIONS.

After successful completion of the safety examination the student will now be authorized to commence the welding program.


Great school & staff. All the keys to success are given to you. Great environment to learn about this trade. Really knowledgeable teachers & peers. 10/10 recommend

The school's shop is clean and organized and the staff are friendly... If you're looking for help and guidance along the welding career path then Jesse is the man you need to see... I've gotten all of my certifications through SCWTTC. I'll be coming back soon to grab some more just for fun.

Camarillo, CA   

Throughout the years I've attended several f schools in attempt to get my structural steel welding certifications. It's safe to say that SCWTTC is, hands down, the best bet for guaranteed results. I now have both my SMAW, and my Fluxcore certifications after six months with Jesse. There's no comparison, Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center is a clean shop, equipped with top-of-the-line machines. JJesse will work with you hands on to ensure that you get the attention and direction needed to pass your certification tests. If you are serious about a career in welding I definitely recommend this school.

Santa Paula, CA   

Jesse at S.C.W.T.T.C. runs a top notch welding facility. New equipment, backed by an American Welding Society certified welding inspector, makes for a facility that is turning out the future of welding professionals.

The industry is hot right now, and the big shots are recruiting right out of his facility. As a student of Jesse’s, he listened to what I had in mind for a career, and tailored my curriculum to insure that the industry was seeking my credentials, apposed to me hoping to fit into a company.

Troy “delivery boy” White

I really enjoy testing at Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center. Jessie Guzman is the instructor and very helpful with anything that you need. The facility is always clean with a nice good atmosphere. I would recommend this school/training facility to any one who wants to get certified or learn how to weld.

Oxnard, CA   

The staff and instructors at the school are professional in both teaching the curriculum and one on one coaching. A student of SCWTTC who finishes their discipline and certification will be confident of their skills in any job setting.
The new facility is magnificent and took 2 years to build it out. The school is designed to offer courses based on your individual schedule. Flexible scheduling is beneficial for those of us working who need access to evening and weekend classes. Students progress at their own pace toward proficiency. I had to be the slowest learner in the history of the school. The instructors were patient and coached me. I am now a certified welder which is very cool.

The instructors made it easy for me to learn at my pace and helped me when I struggled in a way I could understand. I learned how to use all the equipment and tools that are used in welding.

Thank you so much for everything that you did for me.

This is the best school that I learned pipe welding. It's a great school with an amazing teaching staff. Looking forward to coming back soon .

Oxnard, CA   

Its good.

I'm homeless but they work with me.

I just graduated from my course and now have 5 certifications. I came into this school with 0 welding experience but with the help of the great teachers I am confident to say that I feel prepared to start my career as a welder.

I had a good experience learning here. I can be slow to pick up on things sometimes but the instructors were patient with me and I made it through.

i recommend this great school to anyone. The staff are very helpful and hands-on, they thoroughly explain everything. The shop is a very clean, organized and well-maintained environment. After completing my tuition i got all the welding certs that I needed for the job i was applying. Thanks to SCWTTC I'm now a unionized welder and making well paid.

Oxnard, CA   

I started without any welding experience and was nervous. My nervousness quickly truned into a passion and love for welding. Expect to become a great welder not just an average one and have fun doing it.

I attended Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center as soon as the school opened. I've done metal work since I was a freshman in high school (2003) but was never completed any certification programs because the waiting lists were too long or other schools were too far. SCWTTC's location is perfect for any one in Ventura County. I received minimal instruction at Ventura College's welding classes and dropped from it because there were too many students. A friend referred me to Jesse G. and within the first three months I received my Advanced MIG certification. I appreciate the hands-on, one-on-one instruction and flexible hours. Work at your own pace or burn straight through and earn a certification, doing the hours and testing as fast as you can. I'm currently working towards a welding career in the Aerospace industry. Everything is to AWS standards and I've gained more skill in 6 months at Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center than all the other classes and shop work combined.

Ventura, CA   

I’m currently a senior at Oxnard High School and have been attending SCWTTC school since the beginning of the summer session. I'll be completing my advanced MIG certification class with in the next month. The hands on, one-on-one instruction and flexible hours allow me to continue attending High School as well. I'm currently working towards a welding career in the manufacturing/ production industry and have gained more skill in the last 3 months of attending Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center than any one of my friends attending the other schools. SCWTTC's location is ideal for anyone living in Ventura County. I can hardly wait to graduate from high school and begin my welding career.

Oxnard, CA   

Scwttc is a great welding school!

I just finished my 2nd class at Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center. SCWTTC fully deserves five stars. Jesse is a great instructor with the right qualifications; knowledge, experience and the knack to help students understand ways of improving. The school is maintained in a clean and orderly fashion and well supplied with right equipment. I enjoy the other students. They come from a variety of backgrounds.

Port Hueneme, CA   

As a student who enrolled before I even graduated high school, SCWTTC really helped me get a head start on my way out of school and in to the work force. Couldn't have spent my time any better.

My welding skills improved more within one year at Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center than four years previously attending other schools. Jesse really knows his craft and is a great instructor.

Ojai, CA   

Attending was one of the best choices I ever made. Senior is the best at what he does and isn't afraid of teaching and sharing what he knows. It was worth every penny. Senior and his team are always helpful and flexible. I'm confident now to go out and apply everything I have learned.

I hope to work with you guys soon.

After years of wanting to get into welding I finally made the jump and looked into different schools. I came across SCWTTC and was impressed by the variety of courses they provide. I started with little to no welding experience and very nervous about getting started, but after a week I was hooked and wishing I could come in everyday. Jesse made learning how to weld very easy and fun to learn. I’m extremely grateful for the time I’ve spent at SCWTTC and the people I got to know and everything I got to learn.

Thank you for everything!

I've attended Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center for about 12 months and it's been one of the greatest decisions I made. I get tons of hands on training. It allows me to progress as fast as I commit to attending. Within the first few weeks I had a certificate in hand. Jesse has a wealth of knowledge teaching about various welding techniques and he explains everything easily. The location was convenient for me and I was able to secure a job in the aerospace field thanks to my teacher.

Ventura, CA   

If you need certification for welding, this is the place to do it. This isn't a school where you fiddle your thumbs for weeks and then barely learn the basics. Jesse Guzman is an amazing instructor. The other instructors, are equally qualified to teach. They're encouraging and always available to help you when you need it. They train with students one-on-one. This school is a second home and a family. In one-and-a-half months I was received my TIG 6G Stainless Steel certification as well as my TIG 6G Chromoly certification. If it wasn't for SCWTTC, I'd still be attending to acquire more certs. I will definitely be returning for more classes in the following summer/winter breaks. 5/5

Oxnard, CA   

I enjoyed attending classes at SCWTTC very much. Jesse is an excellent welder and a patient, friendly, knowledgeable instructor. He made being there a pleasure. The school is a clean, professionally-run facility. All of the machines work correctly. I definitely recommend this school to anyone considering welding career. I'll be returning in the future for more classes.

Camarillo, CA   

I had a really great experience with this school. Teachers and staff were excellent and helped me craft my welding skills and pushed me to be better at welding everyday. I would recommend to everyone who is looking to learn how to weld or even if you are just looking to get some practice in to go to scwttc welding school you wont regret it!!!! :)

SCWTTC is amazingly convenient. Mr. Guzman is an expert instructor who pays attention to his students, takes the time to explain everything, listens very well and is an excellent communicator. I love that Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center is affordable and has open enrollment. The front desk staff at this location are always friendly and thorough too!

Ventura, CA   

I'm happy to have attended SCWTTC for my general welding program and stoked to have graduated. My education here has given me opportunities to go anywhere in the nation with the skills I've acquired.

SCWTTC takes their teaching mission seriously.

I've welded for over 20 years. A friend recommended Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center for TIG certification. It's a private school that Jesse founded. I've been seeking TIG certification over the years going to college classes part-time because I work full-time, but I was certified after only five months at SCWTTC. Jesse's welding knowledge is well-rounded and very precise in his technique and teaching. Thanks for everything. It's totally worth it.

Oxnard, CA   

Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center is a great place to get certified. Get hands-on training, one-on-one with the welding instructor. All welding processes: TIG, MIG, and Stick

Oxnard, CA   

I had very little experience with welding before i started but i learned everything i needed to know to go out into the field.