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Welding workforce training for fabrication, maintenance, manufacturing and more

Welding is constantly changing thanks to technological advancements. As welding evolves, skilled labor is essential for manufacturers, distributors, job shops and other companies to stay competitive and grow their businesses. We know that their success is vital to the viability of your business.

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Upgrade the welding skills of your corporation’s new welding personnel

SCWTTC can bring your welders into code compliance with corporate training. We provide the training to get them certified with proven solutions for the entire workforce including operations and maintenance. Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center has serviced companies in Industrial Manufacturing, Process Industries, and the Energy Industry.

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Don’t allow a shortage of qualified workforce limit your productivity

Correct gaps in understanding between workers. We can provide foundation training for your welding operators and engineers in understanding welding references and their application. Training can be done on one shift, multiple shifts, or overlapping work shifts as needed. This flexibility is important – especially when you need to maintain floor coverage as a maintenance crew, or keep up with production as a manufacturer.

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Custom Welding Training Anytime and Anywhere

We can custom build weld training curriculums, for single skill or multi skill training for your welding work force at your site or at our facilities. We will come to your location and provide welding training on a schedule and during a work shift that works for you, using the equipment your operators use every day.

On-site training can help the participants understand how to set up and operate their own equipment. It also allows them to recognize safety issues and equipment problems which may need to be addressed.

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Maintain your company’s competitive edge with our corporate training

Skilled welders are in demand across various fields including manufacturing, aerospace, construction, shipbuilding, automotive and energy sectors. Get proper training for new welding operators before they enter production. We also provide job shadowing training, helping participants improve weld quality and efficiency.

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SCWTTC Welding Training and Testing Certifications


SCWTTC can help your company’s workforce meet welder performance qualifications for the following.

  • American Petroleum Institute (API)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
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Current List of Programs

Our mission is to educate and empower adult students of all backgrounds to meet their goals through high quality training. Below are SCWTTC’s available programs.

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Combination Welder Fabricator >>

Pipe Welder >>

Structural Welder >>

Aerospace Welder >>

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Southern California Welding Training and Testing Center Programs

Aerospace Welder

Aerospace Welder program instructs students in Welding, fabricate sheet

Automotive Welder-Fabricator

Automotive Welder-Fabricator program instructs students in fabricate sheet metal

Certified General Welder

This program is designed to teach and certify students

Combination Welder Fabricator

This program prepares individuals for the entry level welder,

Pipe Welder

This program is designed to instruct students in pipe

Structural Welder

Structural Welder program prepares individuals for the entry level


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The bulk of the in‐house library at SCWTTC is made up of several complete curriculums along with applicable selected chapters from selected Goodheart – Willcox series, textbooks these include classes in safety, trade math, hand tools and the reading of drawings and blueprints. In addition we have several AWS reference books, including Terms and Definitions, Destructive Testing of Welds, Standard Symbols and Welding Inspector Technology. Also available are pipefitter and welding pocket manuals and handbooks from various publishers and several technical welding books.
All materials are available for students to use on premises during regular business hours.